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MAY 08
the ted talks revolution: igniting curiosity and redefining education
The Ted Talks Revolution: Igniting Curiosity And Redefining Education

TED Talks have gained a lot of momentum as one of the most powerful forces in the ever-changing learning environment. They are short and engaging speeches that provide snippets of knowledge or innovation or even inspirat...

MAY 07
the video showdown - youtube vs. vimeo
The Video Showdown - Youtube Vs. Vimeo

The online video platforms are teeming with variety, yet there are only two giants: YouTube and Vimeo. Both help the creators of content and audience members by giving them a platform to share, discover and enjoy an array of videos. Nevertheless, they serve so...

MAY 06
exploring pinterest video downloads
Exploring Pinterest Video Downloads

Pinterest has always been the prime source of various ideas related to Do-It-Yourself projects, fine arts inspirations, recipes, fashion styles and much more. Even though the image-based content is at the forefront, video content introduction brings a differen...

MAY 05
the evolution of personalized social media pages
The Evolution Of Personalized Social Media Pages

Social media platforms have significantly altered the manner in which we interact, communicate, and consume content online. One of the key features that has significantly enhanced the user experience is the ability to personalize social media pages. Social med...

APR 29
latest tiktok music trends, from viral challenges to chart-topping hits
Latest Tiktok Music Trends, From Viral Challenges To Chart-Topping Hits

One of the fastest growing social apps, TikTok amazes millions of its users globally with short-form videos and viral content. Among the crucial elements that c...

APR 28
tiktok vs. instagram reels - a battle for attention
Tiktok Vs. Instagram Reels - A Battle For Attention

Social media is driven by short video content which displays art in forms referred to as Tik-Tok and Instagram Reels. These platforms are a rich source of trends, viral phenomena, as well as artistic expression that span...

APR 25
dailymotion vs. youtube: exploring content, revenue, and user experience
Dailymotion Vs. Youtube: Exploring Content, Revenue, And User Experience

Both DailyMotion and YouTube are the top video sharing platforms online which serve a plethora of content to people all over the world. These two sites attribut...

APR 24
the download craze: exploring popular tiktok video download categories
The Download Craze: Exploring Popular Tiktok Video Download Categories

Short videos in TikTok has made it a cultural phenomenon. From the amazing choreographies to the skits one can find a lot of different contents which are able to keep you stuck to your screen. But once you got tired of t...

APR 21
exploring popular facebook video download categories: a dive into diverse content
Exploring Popular Facebook Video Download Categories: A Dive Into Diverse Content

In the role of a video content distributor Facebook has grown into a humongous platform, visibly displaying videos in all possible categories to meet the intere...

APR 14
exploring gambling and card skills videos on instagram
Exploring Gambling And Card Skills Videos On Instagram

Though Instagram is often associated with various professionally-made video content on different subjects (e.g. travelling, cooking, fashion), there is a new interesting category that starts to gain popularity – Gambli...

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