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APR 25
dailymotion vs. youtube: exploring content, revenue, and user experience
Dailymotion Vs. Youtube: Exploring Content, Revenue, And User Experience

Both DailyMotion and YouTube are the top video sharing platforms online which serve a plethora of content to people all over the world. These two sites attribut...

APR 24
the download craze: exploring popular tiktok video download categories
The Download Craze: Exploring Popular Tiktok Video Download Categories

Short videos in TikTok has made it a cultural phenomenon. From the amazing choreographies to the skits one can find a lot of different contents which are able to keep you stuck to your screen. But once you got tired of t...

APR 21
exploring popular facebook video download categories: a dive into diverse content
Exploring Popular Facebook Video Download Categories: A Dive Into Diverse Content

In the role of a video content distributor Facebook has grown into a humongous platform, visibly displaying videos in all possible categories to meet the intere...

APR 14
exploring gambling and card skills videos on instagram
Exploring Gambling And Card Skills Videos On Instagram

Though Instagram is often associated with various professionally-made video content on different subjects (e.g. travelling, cooking, fashion), there is a new interesting category that starts to gain popularity – Gambli...

APR 12
the influence of facebook videos on sports betting: exploring opportunities and challenges
The Influence Of Facebook Videos On Sports Betting: Exploring Opportunities And Challenges

Being one of the largest social media platforms in the world, Facebook is a center for a variety of contents and it includes videos that are related to sports b...

APR 10
description of features of the 11ic mobile app for android and ios
Description Of Features Of The 11Ic Mobile App For Android And Ios

In order to make your betting and casino games much more convenient, the 11ic mobile app has been developed and is available for Android and iOS devices. You can install it for free from the official website using the 11...

APR 09
click, wager, repeat: the youtube effect on betting and gambling
Click, Wager, Repeat: The Youtube Effect On Betting And Gambling

YouTube which is famous for hosting cat videos and make up tutorials is quickly being taken over by sports betting market that is thriving. Content creators from the well-known sport analysts to those with charming perso...

MAR 27
the influence of tiktok videos on the landscape of sports betting
The Influence Of Tiktok Videos On The Landscape Of Sports Betting

In the era of digitalization, social network sites are responsible for changing the way we search for information and interact with content. The most outstanding member in those ranks is TikTok that managed to attract pe...

MAR 25
the intersection of online betting and instagram/twitter video downloads
The Intersection Of Online Betting And Instagram/Twitter Video Downloads

In the ever-evolving landscape of online betting, social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have become integral channels for both promotion and engagem...

MAR 23
bc game app: benefits, features, stakes
Bc Game App: Benefits, Features, Stakes

Introducing the BC Game app, a versatile platform designed to cater to the needs of Indian mobile players. The BC Game app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Offering a comprehensive and modern interface, this app ensures ease of navigation, robust...

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