The Magnetic Appeal Of Live Streams: Why People Have Always Loved It?

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Live streams have been an interesting form of content entertainment, allowing people to share their thoughts and opinions live for everyone to see! Live streams allow content creators to simply relax and go live without the pressure of needing to record and edit, while, viewers can comment and talk to the creator in real-time.

The very first live stream was done on June 24, 1993, when the garage band Severe Tire Damage began to play on the internet. Still, it wasn’t very good. The resolution and frame rates were terrible, and streaming the footage took about half the bandwidth of the entire internet at the time.

Now live streaming is a popular career choice for many people, and the technology has begun to advance. There’s something about live streaming that just draws people in, and there are a few reasons why live streaming is so magnetic!

Live dealer Games - the gamers’ favorite choice
Many people love playing online casino games, but the biggest issue with playing online is that you are only playing with the computer. However, live dealer casino games circumvent this by having the players interact with a live human dealer in real time. The dealer deals the cards, shuffles the deck, and plays with you just as if you were sitting at the table in a real casino.

Players can make real time decisions and communicate with the dealer through video or text chats. Live dealer games are live streams that can help the players around the table feel connected to the game they enjoy. Additionally, there is that human touch of having a human in sight.

The gameplay is a bit slower than the instant work of online games, but it also provides an immersive casino experience for everyone playing. Some people enjoy the feeling of being able to play casino games from home and live dealer games are something that can add to that immersive experience.

Concert Streams
There’s nothing like watching your favorite singer perform in a concert. They are playing your favorite songs, revving up the crowd, and creating an unforgettable experience for everyone. If you can’t be at the concert for whatever reason, sitting in on a concert stream is often the next best thing.

You get access to all of the chaos of the concert and the sounds of the singer and the crowd. Additionally, you might get extra camera angles for a better view. Plus you won’t have to fight the crowd when you enter or leave the concert hall. Instead, you can sit back and listen to the music. Plus, it can be kind of fun to start watching a concert and watch the number of viewers rise.

Live Streams Hosted By Famous People
While many live streamers have started to become famous themselves, there is still something about a celebrity hosting a live stream. Whether they are hosting a stream because they want to promote a new product, they are showing off a talent, or want to give their fans and viewers a look into their personal lives, these streams bring in the views, sometimes getting viral throughout the global internet!

Many celebrities aren’t accessible to their fans, but nearly anyone can join a livestream and they might even get acknowledged in the chat. Plus, it can make fans feel even more connected to their favorite stars whenever they get the chance to watch them live. The magnetic personality of the stars is one of the things that drags people to the stream!

News Broadcasts
The news never stops, and people have finally found a way to be kept up to date on the world situation with 24/7 news livestreams. Whether they are turning into one of their favorite channels and broadcasters, or seeking an impartial opinion with a third-party news channel, many people love to have these broadcasts on in the background.

For many, 24/7 news allows for a deeper dive into the topics that are only covered in bite-size topics during the traditional broadcasting hour. If there is a current event or topic people care about, they can tune into a stream and get more information. Plus, having 24/7 coverage of current events such as weather events or dangerous situations can actively save lives. The real time data is often invaluable for people on the ground in a rough situation.

Find A Live Stream You Enjoy
There are thousands of streams and streamers out there on just as many topics. Once you find one you enjoy, you can start watching both live and pre-recorded content. Then the next time they are live, you can catch them!

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