How To Make Funny Viral Social Media Videos

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Everybody wants to go viral on social media, but sometimes it is harder than it should be. It takes hard work and determination to get your creatives to go viral. It isn’t because what you made isn’t great. It’s almost a luck-of-the-draw type of situation where the right people find your content and then share it so it can take off.

Understanding the best practices and tips will certainly help you improve your efforts to go viral with funny social media videos. Check out these tips and tricks to start planning your content!

Be Unique and Irresistible
You’ve got to be unique and special. Think about all of your favorite creators or the favorite videos that you have watched on social media. Are they all the same? We would wager that they are probably all unique in many ways, although they may be similar in overall concept.

Copying what someone else is doing is not going to help you go viral. You can take a popular idea and put your unique spin on it, but you need to be unique. You want to stand out and the only way to do that is to make yourself irresistible against all of the competition.

Be you, be funny, and see where it takes you!

Sound and Visuals Matter
The sound and visuals in your videos will matter. Sometimes you don’t realize how off something might feel because it’s missing a necessary background noise or even a background visual. Do your best to make sound and visuals really match your content and stand out too.

Using foley sound effects is a great way to make your funny video more realistic and increase the humor as well. Sounds like footsteps, rustling items or clothing, and even heavy breathing can help with your sound details so don’t forget to incorporate those little things.

When it comes to visuals, you need it to look good even when you are using a staged scene or backdrop of some sort.

Know and Appeal to Your Target Audience
One of the most important aspects of going viral is to have a target audience that you truly understand. If you’ve never thought about your target audience, you need to spend some time defining who that is. What age group and other demographics fall into the target audience for the content you create?

Chances are your content appeals to a specific group of people. Defining a target audience doesn’t mean no one else can watch the videos. It simply means that these are the people your videos are focused on and they are the ones you want to continue to appeal to.

This is all about finding your niche and making sure you’re creating content that fits that niche. If your content is all over the place and doesn’t appeal to a standard target, then it’s going to hurt your ability to go viral.

Share Across Multiple Means
What social media platform are you creating content on? Is it YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or somewhere else? You can go viral on any of these platforms, but you need to use other platforms to help share your stuff too.

For example, if you make YouTube videos, you can share that content on other platforms like Facebook. The more that you can share your content, the broader exposure you will get. On each platform, you will likely have different followers. This is all about exposing yourself to more people to help gain more visibility and strive towards virality at the same time.

Find People to Partner With
A lot of creators find their best success from partnering with others. It brings together two different audiences and gives you the opening to find new followers and viewers. When you partner with another influencer, this will benefit both of you. They get exposure to your audience and you get theirs.

It’s a win-win when you think about it and often a great way to gain some notoriety. You simply need to find some other people to partner up and collaborate with and that may take some research and work to accomplish.

You Can Go Viral with Hard Work and Dedication
In closing, if you want to go viral you need to keep pushing. There will be some content that flops and some content that goes over really well. The real stepping stones to becoming viral are to just keep creating and working hard. Stay true to yourself and your audience and the rest will work out as you go. It takes time and consistent efforts to be successful so just keep pushing and you will get there!

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