How Did Youtube Changed Our Lives

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Indeed the world has never been the same as YouTube, a video-sharing platform that came into existence in 2005, changed forever our consume and share media. There was no way of watching videos online before YouTube without downloading what you wanted to watch which was slow and many times the playback was of low quality. YouTube changed all this by allowing users to upload/share videos and by using a streaming technology made it possible to watch videos in real time.

Democratization of Video Content

YouTube was able to give video content a new dimension by making it readily available(inviting) to all. Prior to YouTube era, production and sharing of video contents has been in the privilege of professionals equipped with very expensive gadgets. It was not until YouTube stepped in that such services became accessible even by just using a smartphone or a basic camera and a computer. As expected, this development gave birth to amateur content creators who gradually built up huge audiences around their hobby and in due course managed to make it their career.

Video Consuming

YouTube has also transformed the manner in which we consume video content. Prior to YouTube, television was the major way of consuming video content and we were limited to the programming that was available at a specific time slot. YouTube gave us the opportunity of watching videos on-demand which implicates that we can watch whatever we want whenever we want. This indeed has caused the dwindling of traditional TV viewership because people are more into YouTube video contents now.

Entertainment Industry

YouTube has also impacted significantly the entertainment industry. Musicians, comedians and other performers have used YouTube as a platform for getting exposure, building their career and marketing their works. YouTube also gave birth to a new kind of creators who are now household names such as PewDiePie, Lilly Singh, and Mr Beast.

Learning through YouTube

Despite losing its touch if you learn elsewhere other than by YouTube, it was the period of time before YouTube which made it necessary for you to go to a library or bookshop to get a book or attend a course. YouTube has cleared the way for everyone who wants to gain knowledge about anything at any place and this is possible at any time. A vast number of educational video clips are available on youtube which span different subjects, be it math and science ,history and art.


Among the areas advertising has been affected include YouTube. Prior to the era of YouTube, print and television were the only means to get an advertisement across to a large audience. The role of making it possible for businesses of all sizes to pass their message to a big audience has been played by YouTube through online video ads. Consequently, there has been a migration in advertising spend from traditional media to online platforms like YouTube.


In the end YouTube has changed us in so many ways. It has made video content democratic, transformed the way we consume and share media and promoted a new breed of creators. It was also at the center on the changes of the learning processes, and had a significant affect on entertainment and advertising. YouTube is now part and parcel of our lives to the extent that if it were to be removed it will be really difficult to cope.

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