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The world is changing, and fast. Downloading games and casino games belong to the past. The technology has developed and nowadays you can play every game under the sun directly online without the need for downloading. How easy is that! No space will be taken on the storage of your device, whether it’s your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Now that is some improvement I would say!

Downloading a game in the past
Before, the only option to play a game was to download the game. This wouldn’t cost anything but would take a bit of your time. But the biggest disadvantage was always the space it would take on your device. Depending on the type of game, graphics, video and audio, this could be quite a lot. And there was never a guarantee that you would actually really like the game and make full use of it. In that case, it would take up space for no reason. Thankfully downloading games belongs now in most cases to the past.

Development from classic slot to video game
Fast forward to the development of the casino game. Casino games have always been very popular in land-based casinos, such as table games but also slot machines. This popularity has been taken online quite quickly after the start of the internet in the ‘90’s of the previous century. This started with the table games like black jack and roulette, soon followed by online versions of classic slots. The online slots have the same setup of 3 reels, 1 winline and symbols like bars, clocks, 7’s and the classic fruit symbols.

Quite soon, a whole new game was launched online: the video slot. This was a game that was immediately completely different from the classic slot. Not just 3 reels anymore, but up to 8 reels and 8 rows with many different ways to win and loads of bonus features to spice up the game. But not only the plethora of features, bonus games, bonus wheel, bonus meter, symbols and so on made a high impact, also the graphics are a completely different story compared to the classic game.

No video slot makes an impression without animations, impressive top-notch graphics and a tune to impress. All this together takes a load on the size of the game and downloading here is out of the question.

How to play a casino game online
If downloading a casino game is not necessary anymore, how do you actually play the game? That’s easy. First of all, you need an account at an online casino which offers your favorite casino slots and table games. Or maybe you fancy to try your luck in an online live casino where you can play back jack baccarat and roulette at table with a live casino dealer? This is where you go for an almost real experience!

It’s important to always check if your location, your jurisdiction, allows you to create and maintain an account at the specific casino of your choice. This is not always obvious. Do some research about the reputation of the online casino, try out the customer support, study the games library and read all the terms and conditions, including those of the promotion program. Is all to your liking, then register with your details, make your first deposit and spin away! No download of games is needed.

Play a casino game on your mobile device
Over 75% of the online casino players these days play on their mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. This works almost as fast and easy as on your desktop or laptop. You just enter the URL of your casino in the web browser and login. You do not lose any functionality. However, there are a few points one should keep in mind. You cannot play any non-mobile optimized games.

Advantages of downloading a casino app
If you are a fervid mobile user and casino player, this is absolutely the way forward for you. Download the available apps of your favorite casino and keep them organized for easy access on your phone. Of course, you can play via your browser, but why would you do that? It is the same as YouTube, why access it via the browser if you can use the app? There are many advantages of downloading a casino app:

● Keep track of promotions by the notifications
● Special bonuses for app users
● Keep your phone organized
● Easy access
● Better user experience
● Games load quicker

Disadvantages of downloading a casino app
Where there are advantages, there are also a few disadvantages of downloading casino apps, such as:

● Taking up storage on your phone
● Not all casinos have a casino app
● Higher risk of uncontrolled playing behaviour
● The quality of the casino app of dodgy casinos can be below standard
The most important thing to look out for is that the online casino has a trustworthy license and your jurisdiction allows you to play in this particular casino. And keep in mind: Always play safe and have fun!

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