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YouTube turned from a primitive platform with funny videos into the largest video hosting service. It stands second among the largest search engines and rapidly gains popularity with users. At the moment, its audience has already risen beyond 2.3 billion people. YouTube is a reliable helper in education and domestic issues as well as a widespread way to pass the time. For this reason, video promotion stands on the front burner opening a gate for a profitable business.

How to make your YouTube go viral? There are several YouTube channel promotion services designed to make your channel popular and stick your videos on the front pages of the YouTube search system. They help to attract new subscribers and boost the number of views, likes, and comments on your videos. All you need is to choose the right YouTube promoter for making your channel viral. Here is a list of the best YouTube promotion services.

1. Prodvigate – Best Overall
2. Viboom – Best Price-Quality Ratio
3. MediaMister – Best for a Comprehensive Range of Enhancement Services
4. Veefly.com – Best for Free Views
5. Sprizzy – Best for Promotion on Competing Channels
6. Fiverr – Best for Business Promotion
7. Video Promotion Club – Best for Promotion Across the Globe

SiteTop FeaturesPricing Options
Prodvigate * Official Google Partner
* No views of low quality
* No bots
* Focuses exclusively on YouTube
* Targets audience
* Starts from $39 per week
* Support 24/7
* From $49 per week
* $100 per week = 4,600 views
* Subscribers, likes, and comments go for free
Viboom * Official Google Partner
* Fast performance
* YouTube live streams
* For YouTube and websites
* All kinds of videos
* Pushes videos on Vimeo
* From $30
* 0.03$ = 1 view
* + $0.0001 for regional targeting
MediaMister * Targeted services
* Personal touch
* Expertise
* Privacy
* Money-back guarantee
* From $15
* 1000 views = $19-$25
* From $2 for likes; $4 for favorites; $5 for subscribers

Top 7 YouTube Promotion Sites
Different video promotion services ensure users are their best choice ever. Unfortunately, not all of them are efficient and worth their money. Some platforms like GetViral.io are designed for purchasing subscribers, views, likes, and comments. This approach is fundamentally wrong. Even though you buy views, your video will never go viral. To make your channel popular you need a catching concept and legit YouTube promotion since purchasing views is illegal. So, YouTube promotion companies like Prodvigate and Viboom are your saviors in your channel promotion.

Why do we emphasize Prodvigate and Viboom? Prodvigate is currently the best YouTube promotion site deemed by customers, experts, and independent marketing testing. Although Viboom ranks second, it does not lack functionality. These are trustworthy platforms with excellent features, guaranteed results, and the best price-quality ratio. Other video promotion services turned out to be less effective and suited solely as alternatives if you search for them. However, 5 more video promotion companies do their job well though being second to Prodvigate and Viboom in their performance and effectiveness. Let’s study each YouTube promoter in detail.

1. Prodvigate – Best Overall


Prodvigate is the #1 YouTube video promoter that stands out for several attractive features. It is a remarkable combination of quality, rate, and price that performs the best YouTube video promotion ever. Why do users prefer Prodvigate?
Foremost, Prodvigate is an official Google partner launched in 2011. After 11 years of continuous work, Prodvigate turned into the best video promotion service known worldwide. The company can boast a rich experience that greatly affected its performance. By now, Prodvigate has proceeded with over 18 thousand campaigns covering over 12 million real subscribers. It has pushed over 327 million real video views and over 45 million likes from interested users. We should note that over the past six months these parameters have doubled. It brilliantly reflects the multiplication of Prodvigate customers and the development of its features.

YouTube promotion is often associated with artificially inflated views and likes but this bluff has nothing in common with Prodvigate. The company performs a natural promotion that becomes a result of using official tools recommended by YouTube. Prodvigate works on a “snowball” principle. What does it mean? The company takes your video and spins it on the first pages of YouTube search as an advertisement. Since your video will be stuck on the first pages, YouTubers watch the video, put likes, leave comments, and subscribe if they find your content close to their interests. So, you don’t have to pay for views, likes, comments, and subscribers – they are entirely real and go for free.

To make your channel grow popular, you need to create content and count on Prodvigate to proceed with the viral YouTube promotion – that’s all needed. If you decide to stop the campaign, contact the Prodvigate support team and pause it.

Why is using Google Ads by yourself a bad idea? First of all, you need to be well aware of all Google Ad features and have enough skills to use them appropriately. To get used to this program, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort trying to study it. So, be ready to spend late nights fishing Google Ads. Besides, this means you will manually customize the program to optimize the promotion and increase its efficiency.

If you are an expert in marketing and Google Ads is your right-hand tool, then go ahead! Thus, you will save money and focus on the aspect that you find of top priority. If you feel uncertain about your skills, entrust your worries to a special YouTube channel promotion service. Prodvigate will take care of everything. Besides pushing views, Prodvigate optimizes the budget, cuts low-quality views, tests the promotion effectiveness, and so on. With Prodvigate, video promotion on YouTube becomes automatic and ceases to be a problem.

Key features:
Official Google Partner
No views of low quality
No bots
Focuses exclusively on YouTube
Targets audience
Starts from $39 per week
Support 24/7

Pricing options:
Starts from $49 per week
$100 per week = 4,600 views
Subscribers, likes, and comments go for free

2. Viboom – Best Price and Quality Ration


Viboom is the second-bestYouTube promotion service that stands for fast performance and low prices. This YouTube promotion company is considered to be the most cost-effective service for YouTube viral promotion starting from $30. Besides, Viboom offers a discount that depends on the number of views you order.

Although the Viboom pricing is rather low, it does not minimize the platform’s merits. As well as Prodvigate, Viboom is an official Google partner that has access to all Google tools for pushing channels. It counts over 120 thousand successful campaigns and pushes millions of views across the network. At the moment, Viboom is one of the best platforms that collaborates with Google Ads besides Prodvigate. Viboom fully complies with YouTube rules and is a legit service for video promotion. It executes fast promotions on videos of all kinds whether it's politics, handy craft, music, and others that can encounter difficulties when passing the review process.

How does Viboom work? To start promoting your content, visit Viboom.com and add a video you want to promote. Note that by promoting a single video, you promote the entire channel. So, make sure your content is relevant and has a good potential for growth otherwise your channel is likely to snuff. Viboom focuses on views, so you will have to state the number of views you aim at.

Then, select the target audience, its age, gender, interests, and countries. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake in selecting the right target – Viboom specialists will check your choice and make some changes if needed. The campaign starts several hours later if it passes review on YouTube – tight after it gains its full speed. Finally, track the campaign and its results.

One feature that distinguishes Viboom from the rest of the video promoters, is the live stream promotion. So, if you want to make your streams go viral, use Viboom – the promotion starts right after you launch the stream. Besides, you can push views and likes on Vimeo. To promote your Vimeo video, just add a Vimeo video URL.

Key features:
Official Google Partner
Fast performance
YouTube live streams
For YouTube and websites
All kinds of videos
Pushes videos on Vimeo

Pricing options:
Starts from $30
0.03$ = 1 view
+ $0.0001 for regional targeting
Disclaimer: The services listed below are alternatives to Prodvigate and Viboom. Although these platforms are reliable enough to enter the list of the best YouTube channel promotion sites, they lack in quality and features provided.

3. MediaMister – Best for a Comprehensive Range of Enhancement Services


Media Mister is another service for advanced video promotion. It will help you grow your presence on various social platforms including YouTube. For 11 years of work, MediaMister has collected an impressive range of enhancement services it is famous for: from Instagram and TikTok to various podcasts. Among the achievements MediaMister can be proud of 100 thousand happy clients, 153 thousand delivered orders, and 199 countries served.

YouTube promotions handled by MediaMister cover all essential aspects: views, likes, dislikes, subscribers, shares, watch time hours, favorites, and comments. At MediaMister you can order several aspects of paid YouTube promotion to push the channel across the points.

Each option costs separately. So, decide first on the point you want to push and choose the YouTube views type you need. Among the view types are Normal, High Retention Views, YouTube Premier Waiting Views, Google Ads, True Views, Video Discovery Ads, Live Stream, and YouTube Shorts. When ordering a campaign, you need to enter the video URL, select the target country, and state the number of views needed.

Key features:
Targeted services
Personal touch
Money-back guarantee

Pricing options:
Starts from $15
1000 views = $19-$25
From $2 for likes; $4 for favorites; $5 for subscribers

4. Veefly.com – Best for Free Views


Another website for YouTube promotions is Veefly. It is an official Google partner that uses exceptionally Google Ads to promote videos. By now, Veefly has already delivered over 2 billion views and completed over 100 thousand successful campaigns. The number of happy clients exceeds 25 thousand.

The platform avoids using bots and clicks farms. Instead of selling fake views, it conducts an advertising campaign that boosts the engagement of real people. Besides, you can always track the shifts in the pushing process reflected in Veefly analytics and increase the number of views you want to reach.

When launching the campaign, you need to enter the video URL, enter keywords that match the video content, and select countries for precise audience targeting. The campaign starts promptly in 3 minutes and lasts within 2 working days.

In YouTube promotion, Veefly uses Google AdWords and ads in as much detail as possible to set out your video in front of the right audience. Besides, it filters out low-engagement viewers that allow you to maximize your budget. For newcomers, Veefly offers a welcome package of free 1,000 views.

Key features:
Prompt ad delivery
Affordable price
Convenient dashboard
1000 free views

Pricing options:
$10 = 800-1,500 views
1,000 views for free

5. Sprizzy – Best for Promotion on Competing Channels


Sprizzy was founded in 2016 and has already promoted over 1.537 million YouTube channels – an impressive result in such a time. As Prodvigate, Sprizzy focuses on YouTube promotion service that makes its campaigns more adapted to YouTube rules.

This is a reliable platform that can make your channel go viral within several minutes. Among Sprizzy benefits are expert-level YouTube ads done in minutes, a smart targeting algorithm, and real-time analytics that help to perform a precise target. When promoting a YouTube video, Sprizzy automatically filters out low-engagement views that maximize the budget. This platform never resorts to the help of bots, and click farms – its views are always the real issue with the use of Google Ads.

With Sprizzy, you can promote your video on competing channels, and target your audience on age, gender, and location. Besides, Sprizzy performs optimization of a campaign by removing low-performing audiences or placements every hour. After some research is done, it provides information about audiences that generate the lowest cost-per-subscriber for future campaigns. Finally, Sprizzy price is rather flexible which makes it a good choice for YouTubers with a limited budget.

Key features:
Fast performance
Flexible pricing
Promotion of competing channel
Precise targeting
Automatic optimization

Pricing options:
Starts from $50
1 view = $0.0225

6. Fiverr – Best for Business Promotion


Fiverr.com is not much about YouTube promotion as about promoting a business on various social platforms. The company provides everything you may need to grow your business reputed: from creating your brand to pushing it worldwide. Here you can build logos, order illustrations, shoot videos, and even go global with translations – Fiverr.com coverage is hellacious. With this service, you can easily refine your idea and reach more customers on social media.

Although Fiverr.com has a splendid choice of options, we are interested in social media marketing, namely pushing views on YouTube. The platform provides organic promotion with profile setup and integration. It also offers consultations and audience research, analytics, and tracking for advanced channel promotion. To start the campaign, you need to decide on the track you want to push. Then, state YouTube as the platform for the campaign and services you want to use. Finally, define the country, language, the budget you are ready to spend, and the time for the campaign to be completed.

Key features:
Organic promotion
Profile setup and integration
Social content
Analytics and tracking
Consultation and audience research

Pricing options:
Starts from $5

7. Video Promotion Club – Best for Promotion Across the Globe


Another platform we want to emphasize is Video Promotion Club – a reliable source for video marketers. It was one of the first companies to try YouTube views promotion. It is a good assistant for artists, musicians, and businessmen who want to engage an audience and gain the stage abroad.

One of the best merits Video Promotion Club can be proud of is its ease of use. The order includes only three aspects: video URL, number of views you want to get, and the country of promotion. Right after you submit the order, representatives of the Video Promotion Club will contact you and process your order within a few hours.

The platform will broadcast your video on YouTube and related partners as long as the number of views you ordered is not completed. So, views and likes will come from various sources thus bringing fame to your channel. Besides, you can state a particular location where you want to become recognizable – Video Promotion Club will concentrate its forces on your region and bring in the maximum engagement of the desired audience to your video.

Key features:
Only YouTube videos
Organic views
Fast performance
Real-time data

Pricing options:
Starts from $30

When choosing YouTube promotion services, it is crucial to bear in mind that platforms should be top-notch in terms of security, reliability, performance, and the features provided. We strongly recommend you avoid all video promotion sites that offer to buy views. These views are artificially inflated, hence, they are fake. Fake YouTube views are as useless as an udder on a bull – they will never spur your channel to grow popular. The only thing you will have is a dead channel with thousands of non-live views.

Another thing we want to warn you about is free YouTube promotion services. As experience has shown, they are very limited and insecure. They provide only fake views and can’t monitor the success of a campaign, let alone the lack of any guarantee. So, we advise you to pay attention to the services we’ve listed above. Each of them is a time-tested service that has earned stripes because of stable performance, low prices, and result guarantee.

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