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Every student needs textbooks to help them study better, but physical textbooks can be costly, so many students prefer to borrow or buy them second-hand. However, students seeking help can download textbooks free from various sites online. Some sites where you can find free e-books include:

1. Project Gutenberg
While the site focuses on literature, you can still find books on various subjects. Thanks to its volunteers, you can log into this site and choose from over 70,000 free e-books. Better yet, this site has both an online and offline catalog for cases where users cannot access the online site. Due to its diversity, you are sure to get acellus answers as well as help for other sites offering online courses using the resources posted here.

2. Open Textbook Library
This site focuses on helping higher education students who may be burdened with the cost of textbooks. This is one of the top sites for students seeking to download free licensed textbooks, so they will help in your course.

3. Library Genesis
Like other sites mentioned in this list, this site offers general e-books focusing on various books and genres. They have scientific articles, magazines, pdf textbooks, general interest books, fiction, and non-fiction hence they satisfy the needs of a large market.

4. Bookboon
This user-friendly site’s mission is to help you access high-quality books with ease. The books are catalogs for easy access and are available online and offline. On this site, you can find all types of books, ranging from math to personal development. You can also preview the book before downloading it.

5. Openstax
Openstax is the product of a nonprofit program founded by Rice University. As such, they focus on college textbooks. They have a large variety of books in fields such as math, statistics, business, social sciences, biology, and much more. High school students can also find relevant textbooks on this site.

6. LibreTexts
LibreTexts is a nonprofit online educational resource project started by the University of California to provide free e-books to students. No matter your location, you can access books for 154 courses, subjects like engineering, chemistry, math, and much more.

7. ScholarWorks
ScholarWorks was founded by California State University to help students access pdf textbooks, course materials, videos, reports, and much more. The platform is also ever-growing since they encourage new submissions. The site is maintained by experts to increase user-friendliness, such as its feature that lets you search for a book using the author’s name, title, and other details.

8. Open Library
Open Library is a free internet archive that allows students to access books free online. All you need to do is sign up and begin reading or downloading whichever book interests you. The site has textbooks, classics, thrillers, children’s books, romance, and more. While there are many sites available, these are some of the most popular since they are easy to use. They also have a large variety of formats, so they appeal to a wider clientele. Even students who study niche courses are likely to find books relevant to them here. As such, any student seeking to save money should use these online resources.

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