Effective Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

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Twitter is one of the popular social platforms that creates a strong bond between brands and users. Although it is possible to increase followers quickly and easily, a profile that stands strong only with the number of followers cannot achieve the success of organic growth.

You want to get real followers on Twitter who actually read you, share your tweets, reply. Because success on Twitter is based on the dialogue between you and your followers.

We tried to list the things you need to increase followers on Twitter, how you should approach the basic dynamics of Twitter.

Before moving on to the items, one of our suggestions is do not try to try all ways at the same time to increase followers. Know that it takes a certain amount of time for your profile to appear more powerful to users and, so to speak, "avoid pressing all the keys at once".

Tweet often, not repeatedly
To keep your profile alive, it's important to tweet often. However, when these tweets increase repeatedly, people can unfollow you. If you have a story, you can create a chain of tweets by "flooding".

Flooding is very popular and widely used on Twitter. In fact, from the early days of Twitter, users had to do floods much more manually. In response to this interest, Twitter has released the "Tweetstorm" feature that makes flooding easier .

Don't be afraid to follow
On Twitter, wanting to get a lot of followers but not following anyone is not a useful strategy. Twitter is an interactive platform that evolves as communication is established. Feel free to follow people who might be interested in your brand, your employees, or people who talk about your brand.

In fact, not only following, but also being included in their mentions, commenting on the tweets of very popular brands can make it easier for you to attract attention and increase your followers.

Search and contact with keywords
Choose keywords like your brand's name or slogan. See who is using your keywords and what they are saying in the Twitter feed. This research will give you an idea of ​​how you look, and it will also create an opportunity for you to interact.

Saying thank you when you see good reviews or offering solutions when a problem is reported shows that you are available. Being open to communication and being accessible will gain you followers.

Make natural tweets
Being a brand means having your stance. However, this stance should be natural and humane. Nobody wants to be bombarded with just advertising tweets. While bots and auto-tweets are common on Twitter, they are not a follower-gaining strategy.

Your audience should feel that they are communicating with people, even if they know that there is a brand in front of them. So people can build an intimate relationship with your brand. Every social media platform has its own rules.

In fact, acting naturally may be important for all platforms, but it is perhaps one of the things you need to pay attention to to increase followers on Twitter.

Change the content you share
Twitter loves variety. No matter how good the tone you capture, surprise people from time to time by changing your content type. For example, instead of posting with stock images on a Friday, post a picture from your company.

Let people see the side of you that will be curious. The important thing here is not to get people bored and unfollow you, but to keep their curiosity alive about what to share.

Make use of tags
Tags are places where any topic on Twitter is heavily discussed and followed. Being in the right place at the right time can gain you new followers when people click on tags.

Pin your best tweet
Pin your favorite tweet or tweet that you think best expresses yourself to your profile. People who visit your profile can decide based on your pinned tweet and this tweet can make them follow you.

At this point, you should not forget to keep your pin tweet constant. When the same tweet with the same pin stays there for years, it can be boring for users who see your profile page.

Post tweets to be retweeted
Retweets are one of the ways to reach people who don't follow you. So you want to be retweeted to gain followers. Tweet the length and content that people who follow you can retweet you. Also you can include media in your tweets like twitter mp4 videos.

At this point, it is necessary to act according to the dynamics of each sector and industry. If you have doubts about how to do it, the ideal solution is to examine the posts that stand out in your industry and analyze why they get so many retweets.

The solutions we mentioned above actually constitute the entire basic dynamics of the business, but you may have noticed that in social media, things may not work as easily as they say. At this point, getting professional support may be one of the options you can consider if things would not work the way you expect it to be.

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